Here at we have decided to shine a much deserved light on the volunteers at the club the work so hard behind the scenes to make sure all aspects of your football club work like a well oiled machine, from ticket sellers to clubs shop to media team we all have a part to play and we want to hear from the many stories from all around the club so you can see what they actually get up to and how they contribute.

Next up we have Simon Cooke.


Role at Club: PSS 50/50 seller
How long have you been volunteering at PFC: 4 years
Have you always done this role and if not what else have you around the club: I’ve always done this.
What first got you involved: I joined the PSS as I was concerned at the time with the direction of the club. Thankfully I feel we’ve turned the corner on that now.

What is your earliest memory at PFC: Sandy’s late goal against Ards is what I remember most. I’d only started going to matches that year.
Whats your favourite memory at the Ports: That’s a tough one. I’d probably give you a different answer every day. At a push I’d go with beating Cliftonville to win the league (2001/02 Season). Unlike the first league win, I was old enough to know it doesn’t happen all the time lol.
What is your match day routine at Shamrock Park or an away match: I try to get there around an hour before KO if I can get away from work in time. We get the tickets from Bill (Emerson) and wait on the supporters to arrive. About five minutes after KO we cash up and bring the winners envelope up to the control room for half time.
What is something about your role that you do that no-one notices: I have to select an honest face to draw the winning ticket.
What do you love about Portadown FC: There’s an old cliche in football about every small club being a family feel club, but I think at PFC there is some truth to that. You get to know people, fans, players, volunteers etc. It’s the kind of club that you can get involved in at all levels and you feel you aren’t just a faceless fan in the stand.
What is the one thing you are missing about the Ports during the lockdown: 3 point Saturday nights


We at are very proud of each one of our hard working volunteers and you can be involved too, no matter what your skill set there is always a place for you at PFC. Just get in touch using the Contact Us page if you want to get involved.