Here at we have decided to shine a much deserved light on the volunteers at the club the work so hard behind the scenes to make sure all aspects of your football club work like a well oiled machine, from ticket sellers to clubs shop to media team we all have a part to play and we want to hear from the many stories from all around the club so you can see what they actually get up to and how they contribute.

Next up is Jason Hall.

Role at Club: Kit Manager

How long have you been volunteering at PFC: approx 10 years

Have you always done this role and if not what else have you around the club: just from the start of the season, previously a match day steward. Also was involved with PSS (Portadown Supporters Society) and have helped organise a lot of the End of Season Dinners and other events.

What first got you involved: Ronnie Thompson (Head Steward) was short of volunteers, so I offered to help out and he arranged a training course and that was me in. First game stewarding was a Europa League game against Skonto Riga of Latvia

What is your earliest memory at PFC: Earliest would be coming to games with my dad in the mid nineties, sitting in the old grandstand. It wasn’t a very successful time but I somehow got hooked.

Whats your favourite memory at the Ports: Plenty of good memories despite the bad in the past few years. Hard to pick so I’ll go for 2, first was the Premier league win in 2002 and the other is the Championship season in 2008/9. That season seen us travel to all parts of the country and many different grounds that we had not visited, the craic along the way was second to none. The League Cup win that season was fantastic and a real bonus to promotion.

What is your match day routine at Shamrock Park or an away match: Home games I would arrive at Shamrock Park initially early to get started and bag up the Under 20s kit before going to watch my son playing. Then returning to finish off setting out the dressing room before the players arrive, my wife might not believe this but I’m very particular about how this is done and don’t like anyone else doing it although early days in my role I’m already set in my ways and don’t like that disrupted in any way.
Away games times vary but I like to arrive an hour before the players to have everything set out for them arriving.
The work carries on after games into a Sunday as the week begins again with Training and more matches to prepare for.

What is something about your role that you do that no-one notices: People may have noticed I carry a bag onto the bench this has become known by some as Doras rucksack. Inside the bag are a spare unnumbered shirt in case of a blood stain, spare shorts, spare socks, spare keeper top (as most times we have no keeper on the bench so an outfield player may need it), tape, studs and most of the time scissors, if they have not been stolen by players to cut their socks.

What do you love about Portadown FC: A sense of belonging and pride in your hometown club is hard to beat. The feeling around the club despite being in the Championship the past 3 years has really lifted and there is a real sense of optimism for going forward.

What is the one thing you are missing about the Ports during the lockdown: The routine of being at the club most days of the week always something to be doing now that has completely stopped. Also missing the banter with everyone


We at are very proud of each one of our hard working volunteers and you can be involved too, no matter what your skill set there is always a place for you at PFC. Just get in touch using the Contact Us page if you want to get involved.