Here at we have decided to shine a much deserved light on the volunteers at the club the work so hard behind the scenes to make sure all aspects of your football club work like a well oiled machine, from ticket sellers to clubs shop to media team we all have a part to play and we want to hear from the many stories from all around the club so you can see what they actually get up to and how they contribute.

Next up we have Alex Morrison.

Role at Club: I operate the clubs Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How long have you been volunteering at PFC: Around 2 years.

Have you always done this role and if not what else have you around the club: I’ve always been the admin on the clubs Instagram and took over the main running of the Facebook page around a year and a half ago.

What first got you involved: I had initially created the Instagram as a fans page for a few years and was contacted by Mark Beattie from the Media Team about making the page official. With the Facebook I had offered to volunteer as sort of an assistant to Davy Winter who was running the page at the time before taking over from him.

What is your earliest memory at PFC: I remember my late Granda Jim always telling me how the team was getting on before taking me to my first game around 2010/11 time i think in the Irish Cup against Donegal Celtic where we won 4-3.

Whats your favourite memory at the Ports: Opening game of the season 2014 beating Linfield 3-0 on my birthday in incredibly warm weather would be up there for sure.

What is your match day routine at Shamrock Park or an away match: Id arrive at a ground usually around half two or a quarter to three and work wise matchday is pretty simple I’d post the team sheets and score updates on both platforms throughout the game and occasionally atmosphere pre/post match on a big game or after a big result etc.

What is something about your role that you do that no-one notices: Currently in the process of organising all the IGTV (Instagram equivalent of YouTube) videos into series of eg all videos from 2019/20 season.

What do you love about Portadown FC: I’d say it’s the fact it’s been a part of my family’s life for so long and at the moment the way the club operates on and off the pitch I feel is really encouraging and is exciting for the future.

What is the one thing you are missing about the Ports during the lockdown: Would have to be the routine of going to matches on a Saturday and every game getting closer to promotion.

We at are very proud of each one of our hard working volunteers and you can be involved too, no matter what your skill set there is always a place for you at PFC. Just get in touch using the Contact Us page if you want to get involved.