Shamrock Park Groundsman, Jack Moffett, this week benefited from We Are Ports funding as he was able to install a new sprinkler system at Shamrock Park. The new travelling sprinkler will give more flexibility when preparing the pitch both in the off season and throughout the season to help maintain growth and after only a few days since installation, the improvement is already apparent.

Jack had the following to say about the installation:

It is a fantastic job and it will be a real asset going forward, both in terms of summer renovations and match day pitch conditions.

I just want to thank each and every one of my fellow WE ARE PORTS members.  I really appreciate the ongoing support, as it really makes a massive difference in getting the pitch to the level we want it.

As always, Haffey’s Pitch Maintenance does a fantastic job with the Shamrock Park surface and investments like this will only help to improve further.

PFC Chairman, Ronnie Stinson commented:

We are very grateful for all the work put in by Jack on a daily basis to improve the standard of the pitch at Shamrock Park. Also the help that We Are Ports are able to give us with improving the standards within the club in the numerous ways they do, moving this club forward really is a team effort and it needs everyone to pull in the same direction and we are very grateful for all the help that we have been given from We Are Ports.