Portadown FC would like to announce the addition of David Jameson Jr to the Board of Directors at Shamrock Park. Son of current Vice Chairman David Jameson Sr, David will be joining the board with a keen eye on improving the Stadium with his background in Construction and Health & Safety. On behalf of everyone at portadownfc.co.uk we give David a warm welcome into the club and look forward to working together in the future as we strive to better Portadown FC.

David commented:

I am absolutely thrilled to be on the board of Portadown FC, especially at such an exciting time when we are back where we belong with such an exciting young team.

After playing football for PFC youth and thirds, plus 18 years playing football in the Mid-Ulster league with clubs, like Portadown BBOB, Seagoe and Richhill I am ready for this next chapter and to do it with my home town team is a dream come true.

I was invited back in November to join the board, and looking back now its a bittersweet moment as I have since found out that our late chairman was the driving force behind the decision.

My ambitions for Portadown is to help the club progress on the path Ronnie Stinson and Co have laid, to go from strength to strength, on and off the pitch.

With my background in Construction and Health & Safety my main role will be managing the Stadiums infrasture and improving Shamrock Park, a challenge I’m relishing taking on, but will look to help out wherever I am needed.

Portadown FC’s board, We are Ports, all the supporter clubs and the entire fan-base should all be very proud of the clubs overall achievements to date from the dark days not long ago, and we must continue to evolve as a Club to ensure our continued growth.


Pictured is David alongside his wife Vicki and children Gracie, David Jr & Tommy.