Portadown FC Media Team would first of all like to apologise for the issues we faced during yesterday’s live stream of Portadown v Ballymena United. We have been having intermittent issues with our Internet Service Provider line which drops out completely at random times during our live stream which causes the stream to drop. This was the same issue we faced in our home game v Warrenpoint Town.

Despite many hours trying to find a solution, we have only been able to purchase a new separate fibre internet line which is due to be installed early this week. This was the earliest we could get a new line installed and have been pushing our ISP for their earliest date.

We are extremely frustrated as we feel our product is one of the best available and are being let down by one of the only aspects of the process that is out of our control, the internet line. We share the frustration of anyone watching and are at our wits end trying to find a solution but at the same time determined to find the resolution as we want to be able to bring supporters the live stream they crave during these strange times.

We know this is tough for everyone right now but we are asking for your patience as we try our hardest to solve this issue and hopefully gain back the trust in our product.

We are accepting requests for refunds to yesterday’s live stream, if you email livesupport@247.tv with the same email you have registered with 247.tv, the refund will be issued in due time.

Also, as a thank you for your patience and appreciation of your support, we will be offering our next live stream at a one off discounted rate of £5 as we face local rivals Glenavon at Shamrock Park on Saturday 6th March 2021.