Following consultation between the ticketing team at the club and the board of directors we have decided to waive the one off £10 Early Bird Scheme sign up fee for supporters who are aged 16 and under.

Those supporters can now sign up to the Early Bird Scheme free of charge via the link below

Once signed up, Early Bird members aged 16 & under will be eligible for priority access to purchase one concession ticket for each Portadown game at Shamrock Park.

As previously stated we feel this scheme is the best way to help ensure that Portadown supporters have priority access to tickets for games at Shamrock Park during this period of reduced capacity, especially with big home games such as the Boxing Day derby this season.

The scheme will operate with members receiving a e-mail link to their registered e-mail address to purchase their ticket 3 days before the general sale, once the priority booking access period has expired then any tickets which have not been purchased by members will go on general sale.

For those supporters availing of the Early Bird scheme a few important points to note include that multiple people can register under the same e-mail address for the scheme however must register individually and only those registered individuals will be eligible to use and purchase Early Bird tickets under their accounts. Also please note that ID will be required on entry to games to confirm that the name of the person using the Early Bird ticket matches the name on said ticket and also that that member is:

A) eligible to have availed of the free sign up to the Early Bird scheme as someone aged 16 & under

B) eligible for a concession ticket

Anyone found to be abusing the Early Bird Scheme will be removed from the scheme and may face restrictions on purchasing tickets from the club for future games.

If any members have any queries or have already purchased a Early Bird membership for someone aged 16 and under please e-mail