Portadown FC would in the most strongest of terms please appeal to supporters not to bring pyrotechnics of any description to any of our games including this Mondays Mid-Ulster derby against Glenavon.

Such items are dangerous and are banned from games under the ground regulations and the IFA Disciplinary code as they could lead to serious injury.

In this seasons opening Danske Bank Premiership game against Glenavon at Shamrock Park in August the club were deemed to be in breach of Article 33 of the IFA Disciplinary code following the letting off of flares and as a consequence were fined £250 and have been warned that any future incidents will result in a bigger fine for the club. The individuals responsible for these actions were subsequently arrested and charged and are currently going through the court process, if convicted they will have permanent criminal records which could adversely effect their university and job prospects.

We’d ask that supporters please understand that the letting off of pyrotechnics at games is not showing support for this club, it is actually doing the opposite as it is costing the club money in unwelcome fines which could be put to better use for such things as players or items to help improve the supporter experience on match days.

Supporter behaviour is closely monitored on CCTV and action will be taken against individuals whose behaviour is identified as falling short of what we would expect.

Everyone at the club, most of them volunteers, work very hard each and every day to assist with the financial commitments that a Northern Irish Premiership club has – may that be player wages, rates, VAT bills, fuel, heat and electricity amongst a host of other expenses, so it is very disheartening when the club have to use some of that hard earned money for needless fines such as this.

Can we please add that the vast majority of Portadown supporters are superb and it is vital that they are not let down by the actions of a few.

We implore supporters to please not bring these items to our games, the club will not hesitate to take action against any individual who ignores this appeal and endangers the safety of our supporters, players or staff in the form of life time bans from Shamrock Park and will also look to prosecute to the full extent of the law.