We are delighted to announce the appointment of Mark Beattie as General Manager at Portadown Football Club in an employed full time capacity.

Mark’s role will see him co-ordinate the running of Portadown FC on a day-to-day basis and having responsibility for the club’s off field activities, which amongst other things will entail bringing the various aspects of the club together while building relationships with local businesses and the local community – all while working closely and hand in hand with the Board of Directors.

Mark is a familiar face to everyone at Shamrock Park having been at the forefront of volunteering at the club since a teenager and has been instrumental in everything good and innovative around PFC in recent times including being one of the founding fathers of the PSS & We Are Ports and spearheading such facilities as online ticketing, We Are Ports TV, the Ports Store online, the Ports Hub and WE ARE PORTS TV LIVE – if there’s been a job needed done at Shamrock Park you can be sure that Mark has been one of those at the front of the queue to volunteer to help out!

Mark of course was also awarded a volunteer award earlier this year at the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon 2022 Senior Sports Award in recognition of his volunteer work at Portadown FC – an award which was richly deserved for someone who has given uncountable volunteer hours to the club over the years never mind the untold blood, sweat & tears to help make Portadown FC a better club and Shamrock Park a better place.

On his appointment Mark said

I’m really excited to get started devoting even more of my time to Portadown FC, the club has been close to my heart for as long as I can remember and it gives me great pride that the Board of Directors have shown so much faith in me and my ability to do this role.

This club already plays a key role within our local community and is a valuable asset to all our supporters & local residents but I believe there is the potential to increase that further with more community involvement, from the ground up. Be that with local community groups, schools and even the local business community, we all want to see Portadown FC as the cog at the centre of all positive influence and that will be a big focus of my time within this role.

Portadown FC relies heavily on the hard working volunteers that take up so many different roles and responsibilities, making sure this hard work and expertise is put to the best use is a massive task and one that comes with a great responsibility.

I look forward to getting my feet under the table and working hard towards the betterment of Portadown FC but I am aware that this is not a role that can be done alone, it needs the continued hard work and devotion by all connected with the club as we will only succeed together.

While Portadown Chairman David Jameson added

Congratulations to Mark on his appointment as general manager.

His work ethic, skills set & personality makes him the perfect choice for this position & I look forward to working alongside Mark in the ongoing journey PFC directors have outlined for the club.

Mark will officially begin his role on Monday 15th August 2022.