Portadown Football Club are delighted to announce that We Are Ports has extended its sponsorship of Ports TV for another season.

We Are Ports came on board as sponsors of Ports TV in December 2017 with the channel being rebranded as We Are Ports TV, this was at a time when the club were in the Championship with no TV coverage provided of games therefore the backing and support for Ports TV from We Are Ports was vital for supporters during this period. As well as covering the cost of producing the weekly highlights We Are Ports have also provided funds for media equipment and an interview board during their almost 5 years as sponsors.

We Are Ports was founded by a group of Portadown Football Club supporters in 2017, as a not-for-profit organisation.  The group decided there was a need to form a democratic membership scheme, which was open to everyone, and each member had an equal vote on where their financial contributions were spent within Portadown Football Club.

There are currently over 100 adult members in We Are Ports, with members based around the world; such as America, Australia and throughout the U.K.  Each member of WAP pays a minimum monthly contribution and in return they have an elected representative on the Portadown Football Club Board of Directors who provides vital two way communication between our members and the clubs Board of Directors.

Members decide how their money is spent, and provide additional finance to all aspects of the club and the Portadown community.  In return all members receive regular exclusive WAP & PFC news via WhatsApp and electronic Newsletters.  We Are Ports also host regular members and community social events/initiatives, aimed at bringing supporters and the community together using the power of football and the PFC name.

To date We Are Ports members have raised over £80,000 which has gone directly towards supporting the Portadown FC mens, women’s and youth teams, as well as many community initiatives.​  ​For example; providing sports facilities, funding the invaluable We Are Ports TV, organising and funding community/social events and supporting the board with their hard work away from the pitch.

We Are Ports brings together supporters of Portadown Football Club with the goal of growing supporter and community involvement.  Every member of the scheme has a role to play and have a say in its direction – Their aim is to see Portadown FC grow on and off the pitch, by placing local people at the heart of their objectives.

Supporters interested in joining We Are Ports can find out more information and join up via the link below:


We wish to thank the members of We Are Ports for their continuing commitment and support for We Are Ports TV