Portadown Football Club have recently been issued with a £750 fine from the Irish Football Association, in relation to supporters conduct during our recent match against Dungannon Swifts, at Stangmore Park.

Article 33.3 states ‘improper conduct includes, but is not limited to, violence towards persons or objects, letting off incendiary devices or causing explosions, throwing missiles, the use of lasers pens, displaying insulting slogans in any form, uttering insulting words or sounds, using offensive gestures or entering the pitch’.

For clarity, incendiary devices include both flares and smoke bombs.

Overall, our support has been absolutely fantastic this season, however, letting off incendiary devices is dangerous to other supporters and a banned activity at football matches. The small number who let them off at Stangmore Park are therefore affecting our club in a negative way.

A £750 fine is very substantial and instead of spending that £750 to benefit our club, we now have to take it out of our income during a time of the season when very little money comes in.

We will soon be using footage of the game to try and identify offenders and if anyone is identified, they will be issued with a severe punishment.

In the meantime, if anyone who let off incendiary devices at the Dungannon match, would like to come forward and pay their portion of the fine, we would welcome this, and would like to speak with you as soon as possible.

We are not trying to reduce anyone’s enjoyment of football matches, but there are various other ways to support your team that do not lead to hefty punishment for the club.

Portadown FC Board of Directors.