Portadown Football Club has noted the recent fines imposed on several NIFL clubs in relation to the use of pyrotechnics at games.

Portadown FC wholly encourages the use of tifos, drums, club colours & flags and making plenty of noise to encourage our team, and as a club, we will help with this is in whatever way we can.

We also feel that we must make it clear, so that no-one is in any doubt, that bringing and using pyrotechnics or smoke bombs are banned from games under the ground regulations and the IFA Disciplinary code.

So far this season, Sports Direct Premiership sides have been fined £8,250 by the Irish FA for fan misbehaviour.

Fines like this are something that we as a club simply do not want to be faced with, as it would ultimately be to the detriment of adding to the squad or trying to improve facilities.

We also do not want to see any supporter face a potential criminal record which could hinder their future academic or working careers.

After consulting with some supporters, we have designated BLOCK H within the home stand for those supporters who want to sing and create that extra bit of backing and atmosphere for the team.

We as a club feel that this is an excellent idea and we will implement this for our next home game.

We want to put on record our thanks and appreciation to all of our supporters who have followed the team all season and created that vital ‘12th man’ atmosphere wherever we’ve played.

We want this support to continue as the success of any club is not just measured by what happens on the pitch but also by the passion and dedication of our fanbase to motivate and support the players who represent us.

Here’s to working together as one to achieve that.