Portadown Football Club are delighted to announce that ABC Council have this evening approved planning permission for the redevelopment of Shamrock Park.

The proposals include the replacement of the derelict old home stand at the Rectory side of Shamrock Park as well as a new training facility housed within a dome structure, along with the relocation of the pitch and floodlights

General Manager, Mark Beattie commented

I am really pleased and excited to share the news that ABC Council have approved the planning application for the Redevelopment of Shamrock Park, this has been long in the making and has seen a lot of hard work and ambition by all those involved to get us this far.

This just reinforces our resolve to see this plan come to fruition and make Shamrock Park into a top class facility that will serve the local community and town with pride.

Lastly to our Board, Patrons and stakeholders, it is only with your help that we have got this far but the work isn’t stopping there and we could use more & more people coming along and signing up to the patron scheme which is even more important than ever so if you are able to please consider signing up to our Redevelopment Patron scheme and let’s drive this home together.

Supporters or Businesses who wish to find out more about or sign up to the Shamrock Park redevelopment patron scheme can do so via


This evenings ABC Planning & Regulatory Services Meeting, where the Shamrock Park redevelopment was discussed and planning permission granted can be viewed via the link below (Skip to 4:08:20)

We would recommend watching the We Are Ports TV video below from March 2023 which contains information and details on the redevelopment of Shamrock Park and the vision Portadown Football Club has