development patron scheme

As part of Portadown FC's long term development vision, we have established a Development Patron Scheme to help the club move forward with our ambitious plans for Shamrock Park. Details of the Patron Scheme are listed below, as well as those who have already signed up. If interested in becoming part of the ambitious plans to develop Shamrock Park, please click on the below link and you will be taken through the steps, lets make Shamrock Park a concrete part of the local community and this is your chance to play your part in that.

What is the Development Patron Scheme?

The plans are already well underway with Portadown FC currently undergoing the surveys necessary to bring the ambitious plans through to gaining planning approval but there are still some key hurdles to overcome, that is where you come in. To allow the club to overcome these hurdles, we require the backing of all key stakeholders, that includes the clubs supporters, local community organisations and the local business community. We have set up two arms within the Development Patron Scheme, the Individual Package and the Business Package. In return for signing up to a monthly donation for 36 months, you will receive a number of benefits, all included below.


Individual Package

Supporters are key to everything undertaken at Portadown FC and especially so with the Development Plans. We need as much support as possible to see these plans through and this starts with the Individual Package of the Patron Scheme.


For a list of benefits and how to sign up please CLICK HERE


Business Package

As with anything, to have a vibrant community hub, the local business community are key from the outset and Shamrock Park is no different. It has been the case for many years that Portadown rely heavily on the support of local business people are we believe with this backing continuing we can make a real difference with Shamrock Park. 


For a list of benefits and how to sign up please CLICK HERE



Let's make a real difference to shamrock park and it all starts here

portadown fc development patrons


  • David Jameson Sr
  • David Jameson Jr
  • P & L Jackson
  • Mark Beattie
  • Stuart Andrews
  • Dave Wiggins
  • Jim Browne
  • Darren Winter
  • David Cochrane
  • Jason Hall
  • David Currie
  • Trevor Gill
  • Alan Boyce
  • Johnathan Wylie
  • Matt Gregg
  • Peter Crowe
  • Alan Irwin
  • Charlotte Crowe
  • Andrew Simpson
  • Robert Gregg
  • Stefan Hobson
  • Andrew Wilson
  • David Mawhinney
  • Neil Cully
  • Peter Spence
  • Robert Norval
  • Johnathan Hamilton
  • Nigel McCartney
  • Andrew Ross
  • s
  • James Murray
  • Kim Pentland
  • Gordon Willis
  • Manus Magill
  • s
  • Bertie Speers
  • Mervyn Adamson
  • Derek Roulston
  • Stevie Thompson
  • Mark Johnston
  • Sam Nelson

Business patrons

  • David Jameson Roofing Services
  • David Jameson Roofing Services
  • Palyn Management Consultants
  • DF Ross
  • WA Courtney
  • Porters Bodyshop