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Exclusive PortsHub Content – Adam Salley Interview

This edition of the #PortsHub exclusive content we speak with Portadown’s number 9, Adam Salley.

Adam, its been a tough few months for the Ports and Im sure the frustration is felt by all at the club and none more so than the players?

Yes difficult for everyone including new manger players coming in having to adjust the team and coaching staff but I feel we are playing better and actually looking to play football

 Goals have been hard to come by this season, it seems like we have struggled to find the right balance between defence and attack but few goals the last few games show that we are maybe starting to find some rhythm?

As I say we are starting to play football and goals come from play through the midfield etc and it’s about making runs instead of launching the ball up the pitch.. fair play to Paul as he has come in and focused on defence and attacking individually

Alot of new faces came in during January, you seem to have struck up abit of a link with Billy Stedman on the wing?

Yea me and billy seem to get on as we are on the same wave length, we both trust eachother with the ball and we do this in training too, and always have a laugh with him in the changing room too

New manager in the door during the season is always tough, what have the sessions been like under Paul?

I have to give it to Paul and the staff the sessions have been very well thought out and intense from the first night he came in, it’s better for the boys as we aren’t full time so we need the best we can get in a less period of time than other clubs

We all know we are in a scrap for the rest of the season, what is going to get us out of it?

I think the last games will be tough but I’ve no doubt we can lift it another level all over the pitch myself included and pick up points over the course of the next games